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Victoria Wargames Convention Act 1.

Dec 3rd
Address: Ukrainian Cultural Center - 3277 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3K9, Canada
Check in: 
Cost: $52  PAY HERE

Army composition rules

Points value: 2300.

No allies.

Using Withdraw Rule.

List due date: 1st December

List format:
Please use the Mantic companion to create your lists and submit to tournament# 084w3iX5KR

Paint and Model requirements: PNW Masters Rubric.

General Painting
1 Major Mold Lines removed in full army
1 All major elements painted
1 All major elements shaded or highlighted
2 All major elements painted to a generally higher than basic painting standard.  
1 All details painted
1 All details shaded or highlighted
2 All details painted to a generally higher than basic painting standard.  
1 No damage or visible repairs
1 Consistent base color across army
1 Sanded, Flocked or Textured across army
2 Higher than basic basing standard
1 all models multibased where appropriate
1 a few kitbashed models
1 many kitbashed models or a smaller number of major conversions
Display Board
1 Display board that matches army basing
1 Diorama display board
1 One obvious example of freehand
1 High number of freehand
Advanced Techniques
1 One example of OSL/NMM/Wet Blending
1 High number of OSL/NMM/Wet Blending
Model Count
1 At least half meets or nearly meets FMC
1 Almost every unit in your army meets or nearly meets FMC

Timers: Chess clocks are mandatory, with 70 minutes for each player. Time starts after rolling for choosing sides.

Players who run out of time may no longer take any actions. 


Best Overall

Best General

Favorite Army

Favorite Opponent

General conduct:

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

Terrain Heights:

Blocking Terrain: 7

Obstacles: 2

Flat Terrain: 0

Hills: 3

Forests: unlimited


Blackjack Scoring for games via Mantic Companion


Schedule Start Finish Duration Break
Game 1 09:30:00 12:00:00 02:30:00 60
Game 2 13:00:00 15:30:00 02:30:00 15
Game 3 15:45:00 18:15:00 02:30:00 15
Results 18:30:00