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18 November 2021 - Sensei Steuart Visit
Sensei Steuart visited our Dojo and ran a great class of Karate and Kobudo.

6th September 2021 - Return to Dojo
Classes will resume in the Dojo at Colwood Community Hall Thursday 9th of September.

All attendees will be required to be fully immunised for COVID 19.

Monday and Thursday will be 6:30pm classes for all levels with Kobudo (weaponry) after Thursday class. Friday 6:30pm class will be Blackbelts Advanced Kata.

31st July 2021 - Classes Resume Tuesday
Outdoor Classes resume Tuesday 3rd of August at Sangster school at 6:30PM.

We will be back at the regular Dojo for Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings beginning September.

13th June 2021 - Monday class moved to Tuesday
Monday Classes have moved to Tuesday

18th May 2021 - Safe Outdoor Training Started
Outdoor classes have resumed on Monday and Friday at 6:30pm in the back field of Sangster Elementary School at 3325 Metchosin Rd in Colwood.

                              Elementary School

Class Grading
Congratulations to the following students for successfully passing their grading.

Steve to 8th Kyu
Hamilton to 4th Kyu
Robbie to 8th Kyu
Trenton to 9th Kyu
Paul to 1st Kyu

Duncan Adams grades to Shodan
Congratulations to Duncan for successfully grading to Shodan.

Morgan Culleton grades to Junior Shodan
Congratulations to Morgan for successfully grading to Shodan.

Sensei Drozdzel invited to teach National Karate Association team in Nepal.
Sensei Drozdzel travelled to Nepal in October after being invited to train the Nepalese National Karate Team.

Aaron Deterding grades to Nidan
Congratulations to Aaron for successfully grading to Nidan.

Sensei Drozdzel achieves Godan
Sensei Drozdzel recently traveled to California to participate in grading for both karate-do and kobudo and successfully obtained Godan (5th dan) in shito-ryu genbukai karate-do and sandan (3rd dan) in kobudo. Congratulations Sensei!

Mike Reilly Achieves Shodan
Congratulations to Mike for successfully grading to Shodan.